Welcome to Tilehouse Street Pre-school and Nursery



• With specialist pre-school and nursery provision under one roof, we can support your child’s growing confidence and learning needs effectively from their first steps towards independence at 2 to the start of reception.

• Our online journal system means that you will receive daily photos and updates about your child’s unique, personalised learning journey as it unfolds throughout their time with us.



• Our setting and room numbers are small, with a maximum of 25 children on site at any one time. This means that our close knit, friendly team really get to know you and your child, and your child will build strong, stable relationships with others while they are with us.

• We encourage the children to connect with the wider world through our regular outings, partnership projects, visits from community figures and stay & play events.



• We believe in a child-centred approach, and will work hard with families and carers to make sure that each and every child’s needs are met so that they feel settled, valued and confident.

• Our experienced staff nurture, engage and challenge our children to make sure that they are prepared for life beyond Tilehouse Street both academically and socially.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide a stimulating, inclusive environment that meets the individual needs of children from age 2 to school age,  ensuring they feel nurtured, secure and ready for their journey into the wider world.

In order to achieve this, our values are that our setting is

  • Inclusive
  • Secure
  • Stimulating
  • Reflective
  • Child-led

It provides

  • Continuity

and it connects to the

  • Community


OFSTED rated 'Good'

  • Children’s progress and achievements are good.
  • Staff plan activities which are fun, varied and incorporate children’s interests.
  • Children are supported in acquiring most of the skills they need for school.
  • Teaching is strong
  • Partnerships with parents and carers are good. Children’s progress is shared and parents are supported in extending their children’s learning at home. Children benefit from this consistent approach.

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Our Rooms

Aged 2 ½ – 3 years
Months Old

Class Size

Caterpillar Room

The Caterpillar Room is where our younger children, aged 2 ½ – 3 begin their Tilehouse Street journey.
Months Old

Class Size

Butterfly Room

Our Nursery children enjoy time in a room especially designed with their learning needs in mind.

Months Old

Class Size

The Hall

Children spend time in the Hall as part of each session.

Months Old

Class Size

Out-Door Area

Recently refurbished all-weather outdoor area.