Fantastic Facilities

The Caterpillar Room

  • dedicated pre-school space
  • role-play area
  • painting and making area
  • malleable materials including play-dough and moon sand
  • extensive library
  • mark-making area
  • activities to develop fine motor skills such as magnets, button pictures and compare bears
  • carpet area for story-telling, singing and sharing news and achievements


The Butterfly Room

  • dedicated nursery room
  • interactive whiteboard
  • science area
  • carpet spot for each child
  • table-based learning and mark-making
  • extensive library


All-weather Outdoor Area

  • mud kitchen
  • water area
  • sand play
  • music wall
  • garden
  • weighing and measuring equipment for science exploration
  • umbrellas!


Church Hall

  • trikes, bikes, scooters and ‘helicopters’
  • slides and climbing equipment
  • balance beams and toys
  • footballs and sports equipment
  • roleplay equipment
  • spinning tops